What you need to know about CBM shipping.

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What you need to know about CBM shipping

Sensitive items: liquid / powder, medicine for health care, cosmetics, food, beverage, chemical products; lamps, children toys, buckwheat shell, perfume, nutrition / health care products, international  counterfeit  top brand, pesticides (if the amount of the above goods is small,they can be transported in general cargo channels), air conditioning refrigerant, marble, sex aids, large game consoles, automobile engines, ATV, electric or motor bike, ceramics and marble tiles, please separate toilet inquiry.
Shipment time: Every Tuesday, Friday  Period; ETA  in 16-21 weekdays.
The remote area of Malaya:PAHANG、KELANTAN,TERENGGANU、KEDAHCAMERON HIGHLAND)、MERSING、KUALA ROMPIN,TERMELOH、KAYU HITAM)and the border area of Thailand is remote area,Malaysia Timur:SANDAKAN、LAHA DDATU、TAWAU、PAPAR、BEAUFORT、SEPITANG、LAWAS、TAMBUNAN、KENINGAU、TENOM、RANAU、KBELUD、K.MARUDU、KUDAT . The Estimated time of arrival in those remote areas might need another 5 to 10 workdays than regular ETA.
The height of good is no more than 2.5 meters, the length of heavy cargo is no more than 4 meters,the length of light good cannot more than 6 meters,goods within the range can be transported.
In principle, the company doesn’t accept for carriage on fragile goods. If the customer strengthens the packing, you can send fragile goods with Prouter, but we are not responsible for any damage during transportation.
If the insured goods are partially damaged or lost, they shall be compensated in accordance with the actual damage and the value of the lost goods, and if the goods are not insured and lost or damaged, they shall be compensated for at least 3 times as much as the cost of lost ones' freight.(no more than100USD)
We are not responsible for any changes about the nature of the goods
If the guests make false goods information and be inspected by the Customs, the responsibility and expenses arising from the inspection should be assumed by consignor.
We delivery downstairs, not upstairs, no loading and unloading services, if consignee need driver to send goods upstairs or move into the warehouse, please negotiate with him; No delivery to exhibition hall and its related address.
Charge standard:  The minimum consumption of Malaysia is 0.3/CBM, the items’ volume that less than 0.1CBM are charged by the carry of 0.1  Singapore minimum consumption is 1/CBM, less than 0.1CBM is charged  by the carry of 0.1 ;The calculation of overweight: the actual weight  /167KG= charging/cubic meter.