Free coupons for you

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Free coupons for you


We would like to encourage our users to enjoy China shopping more and more. Now we present you More orders, More coupons campaign.




1. All users can join this campaign freely.

2. You will get a stamp whenever you make an order over 1kg(without using coupons and need to fulfill other rules listed below). When you collect 5 or 10 stamps you will get a one time coupon each time.

3. The coupon will be sent to your account in 2-3 working days when you reach 5 or 10 stamps. For 5 stamps you will get a order over 0.1kg 7% off coupon. For 10 stamps you will get a order over 0.1kg 12% off coupon. After you get the 10 stamps coupon, your stamps will be gone and you are good to collect coupon again.

4. All coupons provided via this campaign will last for 21 days.

5. Only by using PRT express or PRT pickup will you get a stamp.

6. All coupons provided via this campaign can only be applied at PRT express.

7. Your orders need to be from China to Singapore or Malaysia to collect stamps.

8. If your order got any after sales problem, you can not collect a stamp from this abnormal order.



Coupon Stamps

Everytime you finish an order you will get a stamp. And the piggy bank will turn to golden color.

When the 5th or the 10th icon is turned into golden color, you will get a coupon in 2-3days.

normal icon 1:

normal icon 2:

Finish icon 1:

Finish icon 2: reserves all the right for the final explanation.