Singapore Pickup Station online NOW!

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 Pcikup Station Introduction 

Prouter, a consolidating and forwarding logistics service provider, helps users to ship products bought from any Chinese and Japanese websites(taobao,,alibaba, rakuten, yahoo, ect.)back to their home door.

We now have a new sesrvice for Singapore users - Prouter Pcikup Station.

There will be 6 Pcikup Stations in service from today(2017-02-16). 

More is coming.

Pickup Station lead-time:Same as PRT express (arrive at Pickup Station in 4-6 days)

Pickup Station Storage time: Parcel need to be "pickuped" in 5 working days after the parcel arrives. Once a parcel stays more than 5 working days "un-pickuped", parcel owner need to pay the Pickup station 0.1 SGD/ day/ parcel.

Pickup Station chargesDuring promotion period First 1kg 4.7SGD, additional 0.5kg 1.94 SGD(including international shipping fee)

Parcel Size Limitation:Parcel need to be under 10 KG.

See all the pickup stations on Google Map here


Pickup Station Z02

Pickup station address:101 upper cross srteet  ,#01-02 people's park centre ,Singapore  058357

Pickup station opening hours10:00-24:00(MON. to SUN)


Pickup Station J13

Pickup station addressBlock 531,Upper Cross Street,#02-45,Hong Lim Complex,S(050531)

Pickup station opening hours9:00-17:00(MON to SUN)


Pickup Station P01

Pickup station addressBLK 4 CHANGI VILLAGE ROAD #01-2072 S500004  Cafe - A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR

Pickup station opening  hours13:00-21:00 (TUE to SUN)


Pickup Station P14

Pickup station addressBlk 167A SIMEI LANE S521167

Pickup station opening hours18:00-22:00(MON to FRI),09:00-14:00(SAT),10:00-22:00(SUN)


Pickup Station B06

Pickup station address470 North Bridge Road, *********, 188735

Pickup station opening hours10:30-21:30(TUE to SUN)


Pickup Station E05

Pickup station addressLeng Kee Road #05-11 Thye Hong Centre S(159086)

Pickup station opening hours10:00-18:00(MON to FRI),10:00--15:00(SAT)


Pickup Station T11

Pickup station addressA’posh Bizhub #04-26, 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1 Singapore 768160

Pickup station opening hours10:00-20:00(MON to SAT)


Pickup Station J12

Pickup station addressOxley Bizhub 1 #04-41(Lift Lobby 4), 65 UBI Road 1 Singapore 408729

Pickup station opening hours10:00-20:00(MON to SAT)

Pickup Station Q&A

Q:How  to use?

A:Select one station address you want when adding an address to your order. After the parcel arrives, you will receive a short message. With this message, your order id and user id, you could pickup your parcel in the station during Pickup Station working hours.


pickup point singapore.png

Step 2


Q:How to contact the Pickup Station?

A:There will be a contact number shown when you select a Pickup Station.

Q:What to do, if I can not get in touch with Pickup Station during working hours?

A:Please contact online customer service team.

Q:When is the promotion time?

A:2017-02-15 to 2017-04-30